Gluten Sensitivity

At One Integrative Wellness, gluten sensitivity testing is utilized as part of a holistic treatment plan. This type of testing can provide information that will empower patients to live healthier lives. Our medical professionals test for gluten sensitivity through functional medicine practices, including advanced lab work and analysis through physical exam that will help determine whether patients need a gluten free diet. Our goal is to help determine the root cause of health concerns, in order to treat patients effectively and help them achieve optimum health.

While there are many places to undergo food allergy testing in NY, not every medical center offers gluten sensitivity testing. At One Integrative Wellness, we believe that testing for gluten sensitivity is an important step that should be taken because for gluten-sensitive individuals, consumption of gluten can have serious consequences, and can lead to autoimmunity and resulting inflammation of the intestines, joints, thyroid, nervous system and other tissues of the body. Fortunately, these problems can be virtually eradicated by carefully avoiding gluten. The selection of gluten free foods this area has to offer is expansive, so going gluten free is not a hardship.

If it’s determined that you would benefit from going gluten free, our team will work with you to create an individualized program of nutrition, supplementation, and health counseling to see you through to your best health.

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