Functional Thyroid Testing

We offer Comprehensive Thyroid Testing - a full analysis.

As part of a holistic approach to healing, the One Thyroid program utilizes functional medicine thyroid testing which offers a much clearer picture of what is happening in a patient’s body than traditional thyroid testing. These thorough tests help to determine the cause of health issues, including thyroid disease.

Functional medicine differs from traditional medicine in that it focuses on the causes of our medical issues, working to prevent and treat chronic conditions, rather than merely addressing symptoms. With functional thyroid testing, we are able to detect results often overlooked by traditional medicine. This is because, while conventional thyroid testing may only check TSH levels, functional thyroid testing checks a full complement of 8 different Thyroid tests including those helpful to identify autoimmune markers. This results in more comprehensive findings, and can quickly detect thyroid disease. Long Island patients have a resource for functional thyroid testing at One Integrative Wellness.

Working with the body’s natural healing processes to promote optimum health and physical well-being, the One Thyroid program is designed to put patients on the path to wellness.

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