Under the guidance of the team at One Integrative Wellness, the One Thyroid program aims to help those struggling with thyroid disorders to find natural solutions to their symptoms.This functional medicine-based program takes a patient-centered approach to uncover the root causes of health issues. Taking into account the patient’s health history, lifestyle, genetic pre-dispositions, and environmental exposures, the One Thyroid program is designed to meet each patient’s unique health concerns and needs.

Thyroid problems can cause a multitude of symptoms and health issues. Traditional medicine tends to work from a standpoint of acute care, treating symptoms that are causing a problem, whereas functional medicine strikes at the core of the issues, resolving health concerns before they become problematic.

One Integrative Wellness’ One Thyroid program provides comprehensive and customized care to treat your health concerns. Through nutrition, proper supplementation and lifestyle changes, you can dramatically improve your health and wellness and live a happier life.

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I’ve been seeing Dr. Matt in the hopes of alleviating side effects related to Hashimoto’s Thyroid disease. I have been suffering with this condition for over four years under the care of a skilled endocrinologist with few results. Since I started the One program, I started feeling better almost immediately. I have more energy, less brain fog, and my mood has improved.

Tamara V.

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